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 **UPDATE**  We Have a Winner!

Democrats won the Internet and the Internet won the election.  Now is the time to invest in an online strategy.

A Chance to Own a Prime New-Media Property for Politics, the premier web address for politics on the Internet, is on the market.  It utilizes the most appropriate domain extension as .ORG  is associated with non-commercial use and a higher level of trust. In fact today the main web sites for the democratic and republican parties can be found at .ORG domains. With candidates finally realizing the power and reach of the Internet, this could be the ultimate election address.

Politics and the Internet - the news today is filled with stories of this fundamental change in campaign strategy. In just the first quarter of 2007, more than $125 million has been raised by presidential candidates. Approximately $25 million of that total was raising directly on the Internet but up to 70% of all donated funds were influenced by information donors sought on the Internet - as much as $85 million in just three months.

There is no doubt that the Internet will increasingly impact elections in 2008 and beyond.  With Google aggressively pursuing the campaign spending market, the tide has turned.  The value of a generic domain name like Campaign .org  is that it is so perfectly descriptive and memorable there is no need to brand it.

Imagine a site with blog debates featuring pro and con points of view on candidate positions or how races are being conducted. This could be done by party affiliation or by national, state, county or city levels. Separate sites could be published at sub-domains like; or Imagine also the ease of entry and reasonable cost for a grassroots effort of a local candidate being developed through a sub-domain at this address -for example: or - along with a template-based web site creator that anyone could build simply using their web browser. Imagine an e-newsletter template, email list management tools and a candidate blog for direct communication with voters. The possibilities for candidates, a political party or a visionary entrepreneur are enormous.

This premier domain and political portal destination is now available for acquisition.

Consider this from CNN Money, November 2006:
“According to research firm Campaign Media Analysis Group, a subsidiary of TNS Media Intelligence, which tracks ad spending, more than $1.8 billion has already been spent on political ads this year. That breaks the record of $1.7 billion in advertising expenditures from 2004. These figures include spending on local and national network TV and national cable, but not local cable. And with a few days left before Election Day, Evan Tracey, the chief operating officer of TNS Media Intelligence-CMAG, said that political spending is on track to reach $2 billion this year.”

That $2 billion sum is spending just for television ads in a single year. The 2008 presidential campaign alone may eclipse that number according to the Associated Press in a March 2007 article:

“At the start of a campaign season that is already moving at lightning speed, presidential candidates are spending money at unprecedented rates. And these are only the initial investments in an election that strategists from both parties predict could cost each major party’s nominee $500 million.
It’s a number that’s hard to fathom — a $1 billion contest. It would not only be a record amount but nearly double what President Bush and Democrat John Kerry combined spent just three years ago. With an open field in both parties, total spending by all candidates this year and next could surpass $2 billion.”

Considering the billions of dollars spent by parties on national, state and local candidate campaigns through old media like newspapers, radio, tv and direct mail, the price for is a small and smart investment to control this premier new-media political marketing channel that can be used year after year. Political campaigning on the Web is in the spotlight today, but the ever-expanding use and reach of the Internet will soon be critical with sites like helping to decide elections. The stakes are high - control the media or it will control you. Offers over $xxx,xxx please.

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